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Our  Story


Smile with Heart Foundation (SWHF) was built upon the belief that every child deserves a healthy smile and access to quality oral care, even in the absence of insurance and affordability. Our core focus is to provide pediatric oral care WITH education in an effort to fill the gap with necessary knowledge that children can take with them into adulthood for healthy oral hygiene. Sensing the need for a take-away, we developed "Smile-in-a-Bag". A reusable pouch containing both dental materials AND easy to read teaching tools equips kids with exactly what they need to lay healthy groundwork. This kit has become incredibly sought after in underserved areas, and for just one dollar you can provide a child with one Smile-in-a-Bag, making a GIANT difference in their lives now AND later. 

Our Mission

Our Mission

To generate opportunities to educate and service the oral health care needs of uninsured children in the communities we serve and around the world.


Our Vision

Recent studies conclude that one in five children under the age of five has experienced tooth decay and children living in poverty are twice as likely to suffer from untreated dental issues. The correlation between oral care and overall health amplifies the urgent need for proper oral education and hygiene.* 

Through our partnerships and programs, SWHF provides the opportunities that connect uninsured and underserved children with services and education to improve and sustain dental care for healthier smiles and lives.​

*Pediatric Oral Health Research & Policy Center

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