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Studies confirm an association between the oral care and overall health and development of children. Unfortunately, millions of American children, almost 1 in 4 between the ages of 2 and 11, have not been to a dentist because of affordability and 1 in 5 are affected by tooth decay by age 5.

Smile with Heart was founded to ensure that all children, regardless of ability to pay, have access to quality dental services to support healthy lives through proper oral care.  Through volunteer efforts, we take a turn-key education lesson plan to schools, camps, and special to inform and educate children about the importance of good dental health. The younger they learn, the better their chances of maintaining excellent oral health as they grow.

Smile with Heart Foundation offers SMILE-IN-A-BAG care kits, classroom lessons, and educational opportunities for camps and special events. In addition we are always open to creative collaborations so  be sure to reach out.


For any educational inquiries please contact us here.

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