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Dear Friends:

We sincerely appreciate your generosity and support for the Smile with Heart Foundation. Every aspect of our organization operates solely on volunteer efforts, making our achievements possible only because of donors like you.

In 2023, our focus was on global initiatives, particularly the distribution of Smile in a Bag care kits and Project Jamaica. Thanks to your contributions, we were able to sponsor a team of twelve individuals to travel to Jamaica and provide dental care to the community of St. Mary. It was a remarkable experience as we visited three schools, conducted oral hygiene education and oral assessments, and administered fluoride treatments. Our team visited several shut-in families in a remote part of the island in addition to providing $130,000 of free dental care services throughout the week. Additionally, we extended our support to the Tolupan people residing in remote villages on Flower Mountain in Honduras by sending 2,000 care kits, marking the first time these individuals had access to oral care products.

Throughout 2023, Smile with Heart and its dedicated volunteers collectively contributed over 1,500 hours of service, distributed nearly 18,000 oral hygiene products, and educated 3,100 children and families on the importance of good oral hygiene. Thank you again for your support!

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